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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Pheros for fun, experimentation, sex appeal, and o's LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
10:12 am
Boar Mate troubles
How many others on this community have tried Boar Mate spray before? About six months ago I ordered some and tried a very small mist of it everyday for about six weeks. I curiously never noticed any different reactions from anybody around me, positive or negative, and I work in a public place with hundreds of people.

The weird thing is, towards the end of that six week period my mother-in-law served pork chops and I thought nothing of it. I started eating it but then suddenly felt weird. I went ahead and finished it off, but afterwards I felt terrible. I can't really describe the reaction other than that I really felt "sick", but not nauseous. My wife told me, "Your body's trying to tell you you're a cannibal because of that boar hormone you've been putting on". That seemed to be the most accurate statement I could think of. I just couldn't bear the thought of eating pork again after that.

Now months later whenever I think about eating it the thought doesn't make me queasy, but it was enough to stop using the boar mate, especially since it wasn't having any sort of pheromonal effect. What have other reactions been? Or am I the only other person on this community to have experimented with it other than chaoticerotic, who got fantastic results?

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, February 8th, 2007
8:43 am
Saturday, November 25th, 2006
3:02 pm
I'm rarely ever attracted to anyone. I seem to have blinders on when it comes to people. On rare, rare occasions, I will meet a man face to face and within a few seconds, it's as if I'm zapped. The majority of the time, I'm the only one in the room who will find the man attractive. I get weak in the knees and faint of breath until I decide that I need to walk away to save face. These same guys are usually friendly towards me and we have strong eye contact.

My question being, are pheromones mutual?
Thursday, September 21st, 2006
7:17 pm
Trust from a Vial of Pheromone?
        In my experience, pheromones work both on people smelling the pheromones on me, and also on me.    Normally, this is a good thing.    It increases the positive attractiveness, gets people to open up, gives me more confidence, etc.

        I just received an ad from Love Scent for a new kind of pheremone with Oxytocin, which increases levels of trust amongst people.

        Trust is a good thing when it is based on reality.  Sometimes I have to work hard to gain a client's trust.   Sometimes I fail.    Making my job easier sounds good on the surface.

        However, I work in an environment which is not always safe.    Drunks who are untrustworthy want to "borrow" money even through they have no ability to repay it.   Some clients have hair trigger tempers.   I have to keep my awareness levels high around dangerous people.    

        So I think I'll pass on Oxytocin for now.

ad below cutCollapse )
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
2:22 am
        Anyone know if insects are attracted to mammalian pheromones?

        This summer there are a lot more crickets and flying grasshoppers than I usually see down here in New Orleans.   Possible due to less spraying for mosquitoes this year than past years due to city financial problems.

        I am noticing that the back of my head where I spray boar mate seems to attract both grasshoppers and crickets.    No idea what sex they are.    My arms, where I spray chikara seems to be a "honeymoon destination" for bugs having sex.    My arms are like unto a lover's lane for bugs.

        Many humans seem to think floral scents made from the sex organs of plants is  a sexual attractant for humans.   So it occurs to me that bugs might be attracted to human pheromones.  
Thursday, April 6th, 2006
8:03 pm
x-post...another experiment with Boar Mate
oh yeah, the pig rut spray pheromone experiment. forgot to make notes. But still...

I spritzed the merestamount on the tips of my hair, because its easy to control how much and how far it reaches then. Wearing my hair down (especially near the space heater), diffuses it all around me, but faintly. A ponytail makes it easy to whip around near someone, giving them a stronger , but briefer and harder to pin down whiff. If I wish to retract the pheros,I make a bun and tuck the ends in.

Mind you, i used the animal husbandry aide for SOWS called Boar Mate. This is straight up andosternone and androsterol . It is the aggressive/sexual signal'phero...as opposed to kinder, gentler phero blends meant to enhance friendliness, not direct whomp-you-in-the-face sex appeal.

I decided to wear no cover scent, i was feeling daring.

It made me feel sexual, but then again, i have been. But I am convinced it was partially responsible for my sex-daydreaming.

Today was the first time EVER, in three years, I've been physically touched while modeling at St. Rose. It happens, rarely, when a teacher comes to adjust a prop or covering, or when pointing out various anatomical structures, like shoulders, or spinal curves. They always ask. Today,FOUR people touched me! I've NEVER had a student touch me, ever. Rusty spent a few minutes adjusting the drapery under my thighs (that made me raise an eyebrow), and barely grazed me. Then, two girls and a boy did the same, after breaks were over to get the folds back into place as they were originally. This is only strange because students, the 19-21year olds especially, don't usually even acknowledge the model as a person, let alone approach and ask to move things and then touch. what kills me is NONE of them HAD to actually touch me, but all of them grazed my thighs...several times. Perhaps I'm just hyper aware today,but i was really surprised. Rusty kept pacing REALLY CLOSE to me (which is why i kept noticing he was damned sexy)....definitely within the area where the pheros had absolutely perceivable 'throw'. It made me abit paranoid, because I had no cover scent, and pheros alone smell like sweat thats been on your body and is just turning to BO, or some people say, like cat piss. It is faint at even a few feet, but closer than that and it is smellable. I suddenly was wondering if they would thinking I was a dirty unwashed hippy. No one seemed to notice. I put my hair in a ponytail to curtail it diffusing so much.

The class was conversational with me. That never happens either. I didn\'t even realize I was the one they were talking to, at first. Both classes were like that.

I let my hair down again for the later class, during gestures. Another first....they encircled me so damned CLOSE...less than a yard away, and a few students even closer than that, i actually felt claustrophobic. Again, certainly within the 'throw' area of the pheros, which with the hair down and heater blowing on me, was diffuse and surrounding me.

I put my hair in a bun after that.

No other class acted like that.

Perhaps it was just because I'm hyper aware and looking for a reaction. Strange, all the same.

note also, to anyone who wishes to experiment...Fox AI has replaced Boar Mate with SOA, which is the same thing, different brand.

It can be ordered HERE, top of page.
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
8:15 pm
Research on Smell (including short article on pheromones)

Monday, December 12th, 2005
1:54 am
Boar Mate to the Rescue!
         So this guy comes up to me the other night as I was setting up for work.   He's drunk.   He's angry.   He goes back and forth between telling me his woes and trying to pick a fight with me.

        He is one of the very over-paid construction workers we have in town these days.   He's from Tennessee.  He was bitching and moaning about getting ripped off the night before for some huge amount of money.   I forget whether he said $1500 or $2500.   I initially felt sorry for the guy, but the details of exactly how he got robbed remained elusive & kinda slippery.   So I began to feel he was probably not robbed at gunpoint.    More like he passed out from being drunk and someone picked his pocket.   Or maybe he just dropped the wad of cash out of his pocket when out partying.   Possibly, he just spent the wad while trying to impress/pick-up girls.

        So, he asks me what I do.   I tell him.   He makes all sorts of rude comments about what I do.    I ignore him.   He tells me he is a clairvoyant.  I nod.  He tells me that clairvoyants are the only valid psychics.    I shrug.   I tell him that I know I am valid, and I sure can't judge another by what they practice, just whether they get results.

        As we are talking, I am setting up for work — unfolding chairs, putting up signs, anchoring my umbrella, etc.   He keeps walking around me, getting in my way.    Half a dozen times, he leaned real close to me, breathing his stinky breath of alcohol fumes and stale puke into my face, while saying provocative and offensive things at me.

        At one point, he told me "You're lying!  You have no idea what a clairvoyant is!"   I shrugged at him.   He demanded "Define clairvoyant, wise ass!"   I complied — "A clairvoyant is one who has second sight, one who sees or perceives events distant in time, and/or far away in space."   He never said whether he liked my reply.   He just grunted, then tried to pick a different argument with me.

        As we conversed, he kept leaning into my face, sticking out his chin, and acting like he wanted to punch me.   But it was odd.    He would lean close.   I would meet his gaze with a steady neutral un-blinking gaze.   I learned many years ago (reading Tarzan comics) never to let a baboon stare you down.   So I practiced a lot as a child.    I can stare without blinking when I need to.    It intimidates most viscous animals.   

        But this was different.   He would break off his staring, cast his eyes down, back-off, and behave himself for a few minutes each time he came close to me & acted belligerent.    But he kept coming back.   Usually when I stare down a drunk or a vicious dog, the critter just goes away.   He seemed confused.   Both angry at me, yet intimidated by me.

        I did not remember until long after he left that I had dosed the hair on the back of my head with boar mate earlier, before I left the house.   I suspect I was able to remain cool, calm, and centered because of the high dose cloud of boar pheromone surrounding my head.   And whenever he leaned in close, he got a strong whiff of it also.   I now feel it was the pheromones on me that kept making him go all meek and passive.   But when he backed down & backed up, he got out of range of the boar mate (it was a cold night & I was wearing a hat), so his rage re-kindled.   When he stood close to me, he felt I was the alpha male, so he was deferential.   When he backed up a few feet, his own rage made him feel like the alpha male.   I think I hurt his poor little feeble drunken brain.

        As I say, he was stinking drunk.   He never noticed that I did most everything one-handed so I could keep one hand near the pepper spray cannister on my hip.   A few times I almost took the cannister off my hip, but each time, he just backed down before I needed to spray him.
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
4:55 pm
Monday, October 17th, 2005
8:53 am
by way of alobar...pheros in human breast milk?
There’s Nothing Sexier Than a . . . Nursing Mom?
By Jocelyn Selim
February 09, 2005 | Biology & Medicine

McClintock and Natasha Spencer, psychologists at the University of
Chicago, may have found chemical compounds that increase female sexual
motivation. Strangely, the potion comes not from hunky men but from
breast-feeding women and their infants.

After conducting animal
studies hinting that breast-feeding females secrete a substance that
increases fertility among other females nearby, McClintock decided to
look for the same effect among humans. She asked 26 nursing women to
wear absorbent pads under their bras while breast-feeding; she then had
other women swipe the pads under their noses several times a day. Each
day McClintock administered a standard questionnaire measuring levels
of sexual motivation. Women with a regular male partner showed a 24
percent increase while the single women showed a 17 percent rise.

the mechanism behind this effect could yield new treatments for women
with low libidos and further establish the reality of human pheromones.
The treatments are still a long way off, McClintock warns: “I’d
hesitate at this point to even call it a pheromone, because although
the substance certainly seems to fulfill those criteria, we have yet to
identify the exact component in the pads responsible for the results.”
Meanwhile, she is also pondering the evolutionary significance of her
discovery. “For most of human history, fertility was limited by the
environmental conditions and food available to potential mothers,”
McClintock says. “A successful birth nearby would have been the best
signal to infertile women that it was a good time to get pregnant.”

Friday, September 16th, 2005
12:13 am
I have been obbessed
With the way men smell for all my adult life and even way back into teenage years. I have been known to break off a affair because of their smell. I am of the belief you can find and identify members of your extended tribe/kaula based on smell...this of course remains theory but lately at least for me it is proving to work. So with that said...

For a female what is a good pheromone to buy and wear? I am interested in experiments on my self with such.


Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
9:52 pm
On How Pheromones May Have Saved My Ass!
          Lots of info is communicated by smell.   Most people are unaware of how important smell is.  Smell is both very conscious, and also subliminal.
        During times of high stress, like when trying to survive a disaster, the body gives off odors of fear, of worry, and of dis-ease.   Nice people pick up on this and offer aid.   Predators smell these signals and move in to predate upon the weak.   Such is the nature of life when civilization has been stripped away.

        I used chikara heavily during my time living in the parking garage, during my bus evacuation to Arkansas, and when riding commercial buses on my journey from Arkansas to Austin Texas.

        Whenever the chikara began to wear off, I noted predators beginning to move in, looking at the cameras hanging around my neck, etc.   But as soon as I squirted my wrists & beard with chikara, the predators moved away.   I was projecting strong virile macho man smells.  Predators do not like to fight for what they want.   Predators want easy targets (victims).   If I did not smell like a victim, the predators went elsewhere.

        When wearing lots of Chikara, friendly people were more open, women wanted my companionship, children gravitated towards me.  Chikara was also a mood elevator.   My confidence levels went up.  When staring down a thug, I had ultimate belief I could take the creep out when I was heavily dosed with Chikara.  Thugs sense this sort of confidence, and back the fuck away.

Read more...Collapse )

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
9:35 am
Got some last Friday. My first impression was "man this pongs!" 2 sprays on either side of neck and one divided on wrists. It does have a very african smell to it, I recognized it but couldn't place it, not heavy like NPA but heavy on something else (ETS 11 whatever that is). The cover scent fades quite soon so there is room for covering it with whatever you want. Mood: this stuff lifts you up and is potent! I swear when I looked in the mirror I looked like I was chiseled out of marble, could just be my fancifull imagination.. :) When I got into the car with my girlfriend she grinned and said its wonderful, made her heart flutter, despite her saying earlier that it smells yucky. IMPI is a winner, it is playful and invites being touched, lots. Comparing to Chikara, NPA, SOE - IMPI is in a different class.
Friday, August 19th, 2005
11:20 pm
"Natural" pheromones
I recently found a source for musk, ambergris and civet, and have the inclination to brew up a batch of Ruthvah, Aleister Crowley's "Perfume of Immortality". I wonder, though, whether my money would be better spent playing with the chemical pheromones instead (the ingredients for the perfume are ra5ther expensive).

Has anyone used this perfume? How does it compare to the 'mones offered for sale by companies like Love Scent?
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
3:38 am
Pheromones at Work
          I try to evaluate things in as non-biased a way as possible.   But when using pheromones, there is no easy way to compare business on a day using them to a day not using them.   Far too many variables.   Not like I can clone myself, then sit next to me while one of me uses the pheromones.

          But tonight was pretty telling.   It was a miserable slow night.   By midnight, the 8 readers working near me had 5 readings amongst them.   Both Mike and I had no readings.   Usually on a Friday night when the weather is good, I would expect to get 5+ readings before midnight.   So it was definitely a slow night.

          I had applied some pheromones earlier (see below for details), but they had pretty much worn off.   I got one reading.  Then it occurred to me to douse myself with more chikara.    I put on a triple dose.   Within 5 minutes, I had a two ladies sitting down for a reading, and another group of 2 women and 2 men sat down within minutes of the first group getting up.     I did 3 readings for the first group, and 3 for the second group.   In this same time period, one other reader had one reading, 4 readers went home, and the others got no readings at all.

          It is interesting to me that right after dosing myself, the first group walked past me.   They were not heading towards me, but walking obliquely past me from behind.   The wind shifted slightly.   Instantly the two women came over to talk with me.

          I have given up on using mixed male and female pheromones.    I get more business just using pheromones to entice the ladies.     I use Mike as my gauge.   Mike usually does more readings than I do in an evening — sometimes twice as many.   I estimate that with pheromones, particularly chikara, I am apt to pick up 3-5 readings a week I would not have gotten, and I also make better tips on many other readings.   Probably $5-10 extra on most readings.   Once in a great while I run into the jealous boyfriend syndrome where the man gets upset because his wife or girlfriend seems so interested in me.   In those cases, he gives me about half what folks normally pay me.   But that is rare.

          I figure the chikara cost me about $15-20/week.  I estimate using the chikara brings me in at least $50-100/week, some weeks a lot more.    So there is a net profit here of at least $30 a week, probably more like $50-70.   This is, of course,  a guesstimation of an average.  Some crowds seem not interested at all.   Predominantly male conventions.   Old people.  Bad weather (rain especially) hinders the propagation of pheromones.   At those times, the expenditure for chikara nets no, or very little return.  But with other crowds, the results are much more spectacular than the averages I guesstimated above.  In the Spring when the weather had just turned warm, women seemed to be far more susceptible to phermonal influence.   I'll bet pheromones made me over $200/week for 8 weeks straight.

          I have been using a blend of Love Scent plus Androstenone (a drop or two on each wrist, then rub wrists together), then put some chikara on top later.   But based upon tonight's experiment, I may just start using a double or triple dose of chikara alone to see that that does.
Monday, May 30th, 2005
5:09 am
5:05 am
Sunday, May 15th, 2005
1:35 pm
I was making an experimental man's batch of scent for wilson_lizard, and decided to actually wear the prototype out. (it is a mix of a lovely 'leather' scent oil, sandalwood, patchouli, egyptian musk, balsam peru, a mere dab of french vanilla and a bit of lavender with andostenol for flirtiness and andostenone for a hint of sexuality, and a teensy addition of copulins, very tiny, just to round it out.) To go with the masculine scent, I dressed in pinstripe trousers with suspenders, a girly version of a men's shirt in burgundy burnout velvet, men's hat.

So I sat down at a random open seat at the edge of a booth where two lovely PYT's were drinking, a blonde and a brunette. The brunette, who had a very attractive almost pin-up look to her, ZOOMS across the seat, sniffs me and asks if I have patchouli on. Yes.....she nuzzle my neck and tells me I smell good enough to eat and would I like to dance? I think I stammered. I remembered I was wearing pheromones....to attract women, as if i were a guy. Still, I was really taken aback. After all, this is a college bar, and I was worried about some girls-gone-wild spectacle. Susie raised her eyebrows at me as I let myself be waltzed away to dance. They were awfully fun....and, erm....free with the hands too. Nothing too explicit, but definitely arousing. Back at the seat, I asked if they'd be interested in doing burlesque and gave them fliers. I then find out two things that are on my 'no-no' list now as I was taking the phone numbers down and giving them mine and I am quietly contemplating giving dating girls another go....that they are young (just 21), and....STRIPPERS. Man, I have a knack. Hot pin-up brunette who makes me drool, and it figures she's so young and a stripper, two things I have generally sworn off. I have that kind of instinct. Why, man, WHY? I'm also very much not used to being to one who gets moves made on HER, I'm used to pursuing.. If I do get her to do Burly-Q, I doubt I'll listen to my own common sense if she throws herself against me again.....I actually left a note in her bag to call about the BQ night and that she was a hotty, and snuck off while they were dancing before they (and I) got drunker and she might try to kiss me. On the dance floor as it was, no less than three guys tried to latch onto us dancing before we wandered away from the dance floor, and I didn't want to have that happen again. Nor did I actually want her to kiss me (oh, but I LIE), because, then all would be lost and I'd be getting myself all up in a tizzy and ready to get myself in a situation I'd certainly regret. And Sue knew this. So away we went.

*le sigh*
1:34 pm
Thursday, May 12th, 2005
1:07 pm
Response to scent linked to sexual preference:

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