Alobar Greywalker (alobar) wrote in pheromonal,
Alobar Greywalker

Pheromones at Work

          I try to evaluate things in as non-biased a way as possible.   But when using pheromones, there is no easy way to compare business on a day using them to a day not using them.   Far too many variables.   Not like I can clone myself, then sit next to me while one of me uses the pheromones.

          But tonight was pretty telling.   It was a miserable slow night.   By midnight, the 8 readers working near me had 5 readings amongst them.   Both Mike and I had no readings.   Usually on a Friday night when the weather is good, I would expect to get 5+ readings before midnight.   So it was definitely a slow night.

          I had applied some pheromones earlier (see below for details), but they had pretty much worn off.   I got one reading.  Then it occurred to me to douse myself with more chikara.    I put on a triple dose.   Within 5 minutes, I had a two ladies sitting down for a reading, and another group of 2 women and 2 men sat down within minutes of the first group getting up.     I did 3 readings for the first group, and 3 for the second group.   In this same time period, one other reader had one reading, 4 readers went home, and the others got no readings at all.

          It is interesting to me that right after dosing myself, the first group walked past me.   They were not heading towards me, but walking obliquely past me from behind.   The wind shifted slightly.   Instantly the two women came over to talk with me.

          I have given up on using mixed male and female pheromones.    I get more business just using pheromones to entice the ladies.     I use Mike as my gauge.   Mike usually does more readings than I do in an evening — sometimes twice as many.   I estimate that with pheromones, particularly chikara, I am apt to pick up 3-5 readings a week I would not have gotten, and I also make better tips on many other readings.   Probably $5-10 extra on most readings.   Once in a great while I run into the jealous boyfriend syndrome where the man gets upset because his wife or girlfriend seems so interested in me.   In those cases, he gives me about half what folks normally pay me.   But that is rare.

          I figure the chikara cost me about $15-20/week.  I estimate using the chikara brings me in at least $50-100/week, some weeks a lot more.    So there is a net profit here of at least $30 a week, probably more like $50-70.   This is, of course,  a guesstimation of an average.  Some crowds seem not interested at all.   Predominantly male conventions.   Old people.  Bad weather (rain especially) hinders the propagation of pheromones.   At those times, the expenditure for chikara nets no, or very little return.  But with other crowds, the results are much more spectacular than the averages I guesstimated above.  In the Spring when the weather had just turned warm, women seemed to be far more susceptible to phermonal influence.   I'll bet pheromones made me over $200/week for 8 weeks straight.

          I have been using a blend of Love Scent plus Androstenone (a drop or two on each wrist, then rub wrists together), then put some chikara on top later.   But based upon tonight's experiment, I may just start using a double or triple dose of chikara alone to see that that does.
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