Richard Green (khidir) wrote in pheromonal,
Richard Green


Got some last Friday. My first impression was "man this pongs!" 2 sprays on either side of neck and one divided on wrists. It does have a very african smell to it, I recognized it but couldn't place it, not heavy like NPA but heavy on something else (ETS 11 whatever that is). The cover scent fades quite soon so there is room for covering it with whatever you want. Mood: this stuff lifts you up and is potent! I swear when I looked in the mirror I looked like I was chiseled out of marble, could just be my fancifull imagination.. :) When I got into the car with my girlfriend she grinned and said its wonderful, made her heart flutter, despite her saying earlier that it smells yucky. IMPI is a winner, it is playful and invites being touched, lots. Comparing to Chikara, NPA, SOE - IMPI is in a different class.
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