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Alobar Greywalker

On How Pheromones May Have Saved My Ass!

          Lots of info is communicated by smell.   Most people are unaware of how important smell is.  Smell is both very conscious, and also subliminal.
        During times of high stress, like when trying to survive a disaster, the body gives off odors of fear, of worry, and of dis-ease.   Nice people pick up on this and offer aid.   Predators smell these signals and move in to predate upon the weak.   Such is the nature of life when civilization has been stripped away.

        I used chikara heavily during my time living in the parking garage, during my bus evacuation to Arkansas, and when riding commercial buses on my journey from Arkansas to Austin Texas.

        Whenever the chikara began to wear off, I noted predators beginning to move in, looking at the cameras hanging around my neck, etc.   But as soon as I squirted my wrists & beard with chikara, the predators moved away.   I was projecting strong virile macho man smells.  Predators do not like to fight for what they want.   Predators want easy targets (victims).   If I did not smell like a victim, the predators went elsewhere.

        When wearing lots of Chikara, friendly people were more open, women wanted my companionship, children gravitated towards me.  Chikara was also a mood elevator.   My confidence levels went up.  When staring down a thug, I had ultimate belief I could take the creep out when I was heavily dosed with Chikara.  Thugs sense this sort of confidence, and back the fuck away.

          I consider myself a peaceful person, but under the circumstances, I knew I needed to be psychologically prepared to kill, if I deemed it necessary.  Without chikara, I had doubts as to whether I could just stab someone in the gut.  While wearing chikara, I had no doubt whatsoever that I would be able to kill in an instant with absolutely no hesitation. 

        I carried a sheath knife on a lanyard around my neck.   It was designed for outdoor sportsman.   The knife hangs upside down in a plastic sheath.   One simple reach up under my dashiki, a quick yank, and a 4" bladed knife with a tanto point would be instantly in my hand.   A tanto point can be stabbed thru a leather coat or (if one has sufficient arm strength) even thru Kevlar body armor.    You see, in situations like this, one never knows if the cops wearing armor are there to help or to kill innocent people.   Cops were very freaked out.   And I needed to be psychologically able to kill a cop in self defense just as quickly as I would kill a crack-head swinging a steel pipe. 

        Chikara also assisted me to deal with the stench while foraging — the press calls it looting.  I went deep into restaurants & bars which had already been broken into.  The easy stuff had already been found & taken.   But back in the kitchens, back in the refrigerators filled with rotting pustulant organic slime which was once food, back in these stinking metal incubators of disease — in here I found canned goods in sealed cans, un-opened bottles of water,  Without me wearing lots of chikara, I doubt I would have been able to forage there because of the heavy smell of putrifaction.  But with a heavy dose of chikara, I was able to keep my attention on the smell of chikara, then do my job.

        On one of my forging expeditions, I liberated a big bottle of Absolut Vodka.    I know nothing of booze.   I thought Absolut was a good (meaning high proof) vodka.   I was wrong.   It was only 80 proof.   I wanted it to sterilize my hands and arms from the slime.   It worked, but I really wished I had found some 120 proof or higher vodka.   After washing down with vodka I re-sprayed myself with Chikara.   I did not want to smell like an alcoholic.   Drunks are either predators, or people feeling sorry for themselves (i.e., victims) in this sort of environment.   Neither was an image I wanted to project.   The vodka worked at cutting thru that horrid smell of staph which permeated dead refrigerators.   And the chikara removed the vodka smell.

        On the bus journey from the air force base in Arkansas to Oklahoma City, I took a bit too much vitamin C.   I was eating lots of C, as well as lots of acidopholis tablets.   I had been exposed to all sorts of nasty shit.  I was doing my best to keep myself from getting seriously ill.  Acidopholis to constantly re-innoculate my gut with beneficial flora.  C to bowel tolerance.   Only I went a bit too high on C.   I craped my pants several times.   Probably about a pint of brown pudding.   No changes in undies.   So I sat in my shit.   Chikara made life a tad easier for the poor guy sitting next to me.   When I got to a rest stop, I took bottled water into the toilet, and wiped out much of the goo with toilet paper, then used wet toilet paper to clean my undies some more.  By the time I got to the next rest stop, my undies had brown powder in them, which I brushed out.  I re-washed my butt with wet toilet paper, then put the brown undies back in.   Each time I cleaned up, I used chikara.   Lots of chikara.   I probably went thru 1/4 of a bottle in 5 hours.   I had already gone thru another 1/4 bottle the previous 5 days.   Normally a bottle of Chikara last me over a month, probably closer to two months.

        Even after returning to civilization, nobody stayed away from me, made horrified faces, or otherwise indicated that they were aware of my shit smell.   The human brain is complex.   We prioritize all in-coming messages sub-consciously.   Pheromones indicating health, virility, and vitality seemingly supersede olfactory messages of an old guy with shit in his britches.

        I strongly suspect that the people who make Chikara won't want to use my testimonial to sell Chikara, but I do plan to send a link to this LJ post to Bruce at Love-Scent who sold me the Chikara. 

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