Alobar Greywalker (alobar) wrote in pheromonal,
Alobar Greywalker

Boar Mate to the Rescue!

         So this guy comes up to me the other night as I was setting up for work.   He's drunk.   He's angry.   He goes back and forth between telling me his woes and trying to pick a fight with me.

        He is one of the very over-paid construction workers we have in town these days.   He's from Tennessee.  He was bitching and moaning about getting ripped off the night before for some huge amount of money.   I forget whether he said $1500 or $2500.   I initially felt sorry for the guy, but the details of exactly how he got robbed remained elusive & kinda slippery.   So I began to feel he was probably not robbed at gunpoint.    More like he passed out from being drunk and someone picked his pocket.   Or maybe he just dropped the wad of cash out of his pocket when out partying.   Possibly, he just spent the wad while trying to impress/pick-up girls.

        So, he asks me what I do.   I tell him.   He makes all sorts of rude comments about what I do.    I ignore him.   He tells me he is a clairvoyant.  I nod.  He tells me that clairvoyants are the only valid psychics.    I shrug.   I tell him that I know I am valid, and I sure can't judge another by what they practice, just whether they get results.

        As we are talking, I am setting up for work — unfolding chairs, putting up signs, anchoring my umbrella, etc.   He keeps walking around me, getting in my way.    Half a dozen times, he leaned real close to me, breathing his stinky breath of alcohol fumes and stale puke into my face, while saying provocative and offensive things at me.

        At one point, he told me "You're lying!  You have no idea what a clairvoyant is!"   I shrugged at him.   He demanded "Define clairvoyant, wise ass!"   I complied — "A clairvoyant is one who has second sight, one who sees or perceives events distant in time, and/or far away in space."   He never said whether he liked my reply.   He just grunted, then tried to pick a different argument with me.

        As we conversed, he kept leaning into my face, sticking out his chin, and acting like he wanted to punch me.   But it was odd.    He would lean close.   I would meet his gaze with a steady neutral un-blinking gaze.   I learned many years ago (reading Tarzan comics) never to let a baboon stare you down.   So I practiced a lot as a child.    I can stare without blinking when I need to.    It intimidates most viscous animals.   

        But this was different.   He would break off his staring, cast his eyes down, back-off, and behave himself for a few minutes each time he came close to me & acted belligerent.    But he kept coming back.   Usually when I stare down a drunk or a vicious dog, the critter just goes away.   He seemed confused.   Both angry at me, yet intimidated by me.

        I did not remember until long after he left that I had dosed the hair on the back of my head with boar mate earlier, before I left the house.   I suspect I was able to remain cool, calm, and centered because of the high dose cloud of boar pheromone surrounding my head.   And whenever he leaned in close, he got a strong whiff of it also.   I now feel it was the pheromones on me that kept making him go all meek and passive.   But when he backed down & backed up, he got out of range of the boar mate (it was a cold night & I was wearing a hat), so his rage re-kindled.   When he stood close to me, he felt I was the alpha male, so he was deferential.   When he backed up a few feet, his own rage made him feel like the alpha male.   I think I hurt his poor little feeble drunken brain.

        As I say, he was stinking drunk.   He never noticed that I did most everything one-handed so I could keep one hand near the pepper spray cannister on my hip.   A few times I almost took the cannister off my hip, but each time, he just backed down before I needed to spray him.
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