Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley (chaoticerotic) wrote in pheromonal,
Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley

x-post...another experiment with Boar Mate

oh yeah, the pig rut spray pheromone experiment. forgot to make notes. But still...

I spritzed the merestamount on the tips of my hair, because its easy to control how much and how far it reaches then. Wearing my hair down (especially near the space heater), diffuses it all around me, but faintly. A ponytail makes it easy to whip around near someone, giving them a stronger , but briefer and harder to pin down whiff. If I wish to retract the pheros,I make a bun and tuck the ends in.

Mind you, i used the animal husbandry aide for SOWS called Boar Mate. This is straight up andosternone and androsterol . It is the aggressive/sexual signal' opposed to kinder, gentler phero blends meant to enhance friendliness, not direct whomp-you-in-the-face sex appeal.

I decided to wear no cover scent, i was feeling daring.

It made me feel sexual, but then again, i have been. But I am convinced it was partially responsible for my sex-daydreaming.

Today was the first time EVER, in three years, I've been physically touched while modeling at St. Rose. It happens, rarely, when a teacher comes to adjust a prop or covering, or when pointing out various anatomical structures, like shoulders, or spinal curves. They always ask. Today,FOUR people touched me! I've NEVER had a student touch me, ever. Rusty spent a few minutes adjusting the drapery under my thighs (that made me raise an eyebrow), and barely grazed me. Then, two girls and a boy did the same, after breaks were over to get the folds back into place as they were originally. This is only strange because students, the 19-21year olds especially, don't usually even acknowledge the model as a person, let alone approach and ask to move things and then touch. what kills me is NONE of them HAD to actually touch me, but all of them grazed my thighs...several times. Perhaps I'm just hyper aware today,but i was really surprised. Rusty kept pacing REALLY CLOSE to me (which is why i kept noticing he was damned sexy)....definitely within the area where the pheros had absolutely perceivable 'throw'. It made me abit paranoid, because I had no cover scent, and pheros alone smell like sweat thats been on your body and is just turning to BO, or some people say, like cat piss. It is faint at even a few feet, but closer than that and it is smellable. I suddenly was wondering if they would thinking I was a dirty unwashed hippy. No one seemed to notice. I put my hair in a ponytail to curtail it diffusing so much.

The class was conversational with me. That never happens either. I didn\'t even realize I was the one they were talking to, at first. Both classes were like that.

I let my hair down again for the later class, during gestures. Another first....they encircled me so damned CLOSE...less than a yard away, and a few students even closer than that, i actually felt claustrophobic. Again, certainly within the 'throw' area of the pheros, which with the hair down and heater blowing on me, was diffuse and surrounding me.

I put my hair in a bun after that.

No other class acted like that.

Perhaps it was just because I'm hyper aware and looking for a reaction. Strange, all the same.

note also, to anyone who wishes to experiment...Fox AI has replaced Boar Mate with SOA, which is the same thing, different brand.

It can be ordered HERE, top of page.
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