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Trust from a Vial of Pheromone?

        In my experience, pheromones work both on people smelling the pheromones on me, and also on me.    Normally, this is a good thing.    It increases the positive attractiveness, gets people to open up, gives me more confidence, etc.

        I just received an ad from Love Scent for a new kind of pheremone with Oxytocin, which increases levels of trust amongst people.

        Trust is a good thing when it is based on reality.  Sometimes I have to work hard to gain a client's trust.   Sometimes I fail.    Making my job easier sounds good on the surface.

        However, I work in an environment which is not always safe.    Drunks who are untrustworthy want to "borrow" money even through they have no ability to repay it.   Some clients have hair trigger tempers.   I have to keep my awareness levels high around dangerous people.    

        So I think I'll pass on Oxytocin for now.

World's first Oxytocin product, specially formulated to create a trusting atmosphere!  Do you need others to trust you more?  Could you sell more, love more and accomplish more if people trusted you more?  Liquid Trust is the world's first Trust Enhancing Body Spray, specially formulated to increase trust in the wearer.  Scientists have recently discovered a chemical that makes people trust each other.
1/4 oz spray bottle (unscented)

"Trust is Power" — Lao Tzu 2500 BC :-)
Ten bucks off this week!
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