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Boar Mate troubles

How many others on this community have tried Boar Mate spray before? About six months ago I ordered some and tried a very small mist of it everyday for about six weeks. I curiously never noticed any different reactions from anybody around me, positive or negative, and I work in a public place with hundreds of people.

The weird thing is, towards the end of that six week period my mother-in-law served pork chops and I thought nothing of it. I started eating it but then suddenly felt weird. I went ahead and finished it off, but afterwards I felt terrible. I can't really describe the reaction other than that I really felt "sick", but not nauseous. My wife told me, "Your body's trying to tell you you're a cannibal because of that boar hormone you've been putting on". That seemed to be the most accurate statement I could think of. I just couldn't bear the thought of eating pork again after that.

Now months later whenever I think about eating it the thought doesn't make me queasy, but it was enough to stop using the boar mate, especially since it wasn't having any sort of pheromonal effect. What have other reactions been? Or am I the only other person on this community to have experimented with it other than chaoticerotic, who got fantastic results?
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